The Wrecking Crew Series

The Wrecking Crew

(Blank Slate Press, 2016)

In exchange for his freedom from a secret Moroccan prison, deep-water salvage diver Jonah Blackwell agrees to lead a covert search for a missing research team in the dangerous coastal waters of Somalia, an area plagued by pirates and a deadly red tide killing all marine life within its reach. But when his expedition threatens the ambitions of billionaire industrialist Charles Bettencourt, Jonah’s survival depends on hijacking a hostile submarine and assembling an unproven crew who must simultaneously investigate the source of a mysterious oceanic plague and face down Bettencourt’s private army.

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Red Rogue Sun

(Blank Slate Press, 2017)

Jonah Blackwell and his crew resurface on a mission of mercy, secreting starving refugees from North Korea as a hundred-year winter ravages the Pacific. Hunted by the Japanese fleet and forced to surrender, Jonah and his crew must race against time in an adventure spanning the irradiated waters of Fukushima, flood-beset Tokyo and the crumbling tropical remains of a secret research facility. At the center of it all is an enigmatic Japanese technology cult with roots in the clandestine weapons program of the Second World War―a cult that has waited seventy years to strike its final blow.

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Photo by Joshua Hydeman

About Taylor Zajonc

As a maritime historian, Explorers Club member, shipwreck expert and avid world traveler, Taylor Zajonc’s real-life adventures nearly exceed those of his fictional counterparts. His fascination with exploration began when he joined a Russian expedition to the deepest archaeological site on the planet, descending nearly three miles into the abyss of the Bermuda Triangle aboard a Soviet-era submersible.
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